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Is it possible to control graphics separately on several connected Air engines from the CG server panel?
Posted by Oleh Muliarchuk on 25 March 2020 08:34

It is not possible to control grafics separately on  several Air engines - with CG you are controlling all properly configured and connected servers simultaneously. It's typically used when you need to run same templates on multiple engines.

You can however set up several profiles if you need a different set of Templates for each group of servers. More information on setting up CG Profiles can be found at the following link: 

To run existing templates via CG, please take a look at settings and loading info here: 

For scheduled broadcast on a single Engine, using Secondary Events in Cinegy Air Control is preferable:

1. Configure CG root folder on the Engine 
2. Use the SHOW command to add the CG templates, previously created via the Cinegy Titler application  
3. Use the HIDE command to take the graphics off screen: 

We don't recommend using Secondary Events and CG together to control the same layer - only in emergency - when an operator has to interact/interfere manually with scheduled secondary events. By design it will break down all the scheduled secondary events on that layer for this item (it would need to be controlled manually, until the next item starts).

Please note, that if Playout and Control applications are on different machines, the Playout (Engine) machine needs to have access to templates, subtitle files etc.

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