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Noise words, stop words and stop lists
Posted by Polina Fedorova on 25 April 2013 09:54

The Cinegy Archive search functionality uses Microsoft SQL Server search engine for the search query processing. To prevent a full-text index from becoming bloated, Microsoft SQL Server has a mechanism that discards commonly occurring words that do not help the search. These words are called noise words or stop words.  When such a word is detected in a search query, it becomes ignored so in some cases your search results might return the results that do not contain certain nodes. While this might not be expected by the operator, it is the correct behavior and should be considered when creating your search queries.

Please, refer to the following MSDN articles regarding the noise words processing for different Microsoft SQL Server versions:

SQL Server 2012          -

SQL Server 2014          - 

SQL Server 2016          - 

SQL Server 2019         - 

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