3rd party devices to control Cinegy Prompter
Posted by Oleh Muliarchuk on 13 July 2021 10:11

NOTE: The drivers should be downloaded and installed before use. The plugged device should be properly recognized in system.

Cinegy Prompter can be controlled by external devices: remote controllers that emulate keyboard shortcuts and game controllers.


Remote Controllers

Devices that emulate keyboard shortcuts (for example, Contour Design Shuttle Pro, Contour Design Shuttle Express, TVPROMPT CRM-USB Shuttle):


Cinegy Prompter has the default set of shortcuts for the control. In addition, shortcuts can be customized in the Cinegy Prompter configurator. Please refer to the "Operational-keys" section in the Cinegy Prompter manual for details.


Cinegy Prompter shortcuts should be assigned to the shuttle button in the Shuttle device configuration:

In the example, Button 1 corresponds to the "Play/Pause" command in Cinegy Prompter.

Shortcuts can be initially set in the Shuttle config and then modified in the Cinegy Prompter config by pressing the corresponding buttons on a shuttle.


Game Controllers

Usually prompter foot control is used, but it can also be a joystick, gamepad, etc. Refer to the following article for details.

The controller buttons can be assigned to Cinegy Prompter commands on the "Control" tab in the Cinegy Prompter config. To do this, click the desired action field in the "Input device" column and  press a different input device button.

Speed control can be adjusted on the "Speed" tab.

To define the movement axis for the input device, choose the required option from the drop-down list.

Once the USB game controller is connected and detected by the system, the speed indicator line turns white. To define the text scrolling speed, move the device controller stick in opposite directions along the chosen axis. These movements are displayed correspondingly on the speed indicator line: 

The device controller stick is moved to the left

The device controller stick is moved to the right

To swap the speed acceleration and slowdown, select the "Invert" checkbox.


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