Specific connectors mapping scheme of Blackmagic Decklink BMDL Duo2/Quad2
Posted by Oleh Muliarchuk on 19 September 2018 12:45

BlackMagic design Decklink BMDL Duo2 and Quad2* cards have specific architecture.
These cards have “4/8 independent 3G-SDI connections”. That does not mean that they have 4/8 independent 3G-SDI full duplex channels, but just 4/8 connectors which can be configured according to their direction.
The default configuration for Duo2 - 2 full duplex channels (2 Inputs and 2 Outputs). The default configuration for Quad2 - 4 full duplex channels (4 Inputs and 4 Outputs).
Besides, you may configure 4/8 simultaneous Outputs or 4/8 simultaneous 3G Inputs using Blackmagic Desktop Video setup application.
After the restart of the machine, the part of Blackmagic driver, which is making the selected non-default configuration of connectors, starts rather late.
If Cinegy applications and services, which use these cards started earlier, they may try to initialize not configured yet card and fail because some card channels are not ready yet.
As a workaround you may define Delayed Startup type for Cinegy services or start Cinegy services or application manually.


** the Quad 2 card has the same architectire as Duo2, but 8 connectors (4 full duplex channels in default configuration)

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