Is it possible to view the Cinegy Air preview streams outside the Cinegy Air app?
Posted by Oleh Muliarchuk on 12 November 2021 08:29

The Cinegy Playout engine generates the playout preview and cued preview feedback streams for control applications such as the Cinegy Air control and Cinegy Studio control.

Since Cinegy Air v21 the playout engine generates the feedback stream using SRT protocol and also supports the ability for anyone to request the "preview stream".

In the "Playback" tab of the Cinegy Playout configurator select the video codec to be used for this preview stream. For example, select the H.264 codec to get a few megabits of reduced-scale feedback stream.


The SRT feedback stream can be viewed in any SRT-supporting application.

In your application define the SRT URL address as follows: srt://<StreamIP>:<Port>, where

StreamIP – defines the IP address of the machine transmitting the SRT stream;

Port – should be set to 5421+N for playout preview or 5471+N for cued preview; where N is the zero-based Playout engine instance number.

For example, if you have Cinegy Air engine #0 on a machine with IP, in Cinegy Multiviewer you can define MPEG-TS input URL as srt:// to get the playout preview stream and srt:// for cued preview; the result will be as follows: 




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