What is the difference between Daniel and Daniel2 codecs?
Posted by Oleh Muliarchuk on 15 June 2018 13:08

Daniel is loss-less codec. It is primarily aimed at providing a reliable, scalable and performance optimized codec for the use of video with alpha channel. Common usage includes animations rendered with alpha channel, to be superimposed on live picture or mixed with the output of a video server. Typical contaner is AVI.

The Daniel2 codec is realtime high-resolution acquisition and production codec (4K+) meant to be used for recording from camera sources, editing and post-production as well as playout. Daniel2 is aiming for the same space in the production workflow as AVID’s DNxHR, Apple’s ProRes, JPEG2000 or Sony’s XAVC. Daniel2 also supports alpha channel. Typical contaner is MXF OP1A.

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