Why CG's created in Type are not played on AIR12 with Titler option enabled in the playout config settings?
Posted by Oleh Muliarchuk on 07 August 2018 09:22

 In Cinegy Playout we have settings on CG tab: Cinegy Type or Cinegy Titler, so only one of the selected will be on output. Any CG's created with Type will not play with Titler enabled and you will need to have Type enabled in the playout config settings or convert your Type templates into Titler ones. Please, see additional info on converting templates here:

Please note:
The following features are currently not supported and will be ignored during import:

- per-character text effects

- analogue clock

- value replacement effect

- blur and chamfer effects

- "Crop X/Y" and "On End" parameters for plate object

- countdown and numeric clock macros

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