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What is the difference between Cinegy SOLO, DUO and QUAD?
Posted by Oleh Muliarchuk on 08 June 2018 10:22

The new Cinegy SOLO, Cinegy DUO and Cinegy QUAD packages use one, two or four channels of capture and/or playout.

Cinegy SOLO is a bundle of Cinegy Air SOLO, Cinegy Air Studio SOLO and Cinegy Capture SOLO with the license to run either of them at the time - only one channel record or playout at the time, but switchable on the fly.

Cinegy DUO is a bundle of Cinegy Air SOLO, Cinegy Air Studio SOLO and Cinegy Capture SOLO with the license to run two of them at the same time - e.g. one channel record and one playout, two channels playout or two channels record.

Cinegy QUAD is a bundle of Cinegy Air SOLO, Cinegy Air Studio SOLO and Cinegy Capture SOLO with the license to run four of them at the same time - e.g. two channel record and two playout, four channels playout or four channels record.


  • Cinegy Air SOLO is the professional yet affordable software for professional scheduled, linear play-out for SD, HD and UHD via SDI and IP. The Cinegy Air SOLO consists of two elements: a control panel and a playout engine. Cinegy Air SOLO control panel provides an interface for controlling one or more playout channels connected via TCP/IP. Cinegy Air SOLO playout engine executes the playlist provided to it and renders video and audio to air. It also sends real-time video stream feedback to the control panel interface, eliminating the need for video monitors as well as SDI cabling and routing. Cinegy Air SOLO can be easily turned into a cart wall / trick mode playout for news, sports, reality show and other live operations.
  • Cinegy Air Studio SOLO enables professional live studio playout operations in SD, HD or UHD via SDI and IP. A/B roll, chain, slow-motion, loop and bounce playback are supported and can be controlled with Cinegy Air Studio SOLO control panel, via RS-422 compatible devices using 9-pin protocol or even GPI triggers. In a live news production environment, Cinegy Air Studio SOLO can be connected to a Cinegy Archive integrated newsroom solution and used to control up to 4 independent playout engines along with Cinegy Titler graphics and Cinegy Prompter teleprompting software. Cinegy Air Studio SOLO can be integrated into a 3rd party MOS-based newsroom solution such as ENPS, Avid iNews, Octopus or Annova Systems, so it will automatically download the rundowns via the Cinegy MOS Gateway tool.
  • Cinegy Capture SOLO is the reliable ingest solution for SDI and IP supporting all professional broadcast formats in SD, HD and UHD. Cinegy Capture PRO reinvents the acquisition and transcode process, unifying the task of ingesting material and generating edit or web proxies in all popular formats and containers. Cinegy Capture PRO can be installed as a self-starting service on a commodity server or standard PC and configured to work with specified video hardware or IP streams. Once started, each Cinegy Capture PRO service announces itself to the network to be controlled via the powerful Windows control application. This uses embedded Cinegy technology for IP stream multicast, allowing broadcast-quality real-time feedback streams for instantaneous review of what is being received.

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