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How to disable mapped-network drive to UNC auto-mapping
Posted by Oleh Muliarchuk on 28 December 2020 20:54

In Cinegy Air, when media files are added to a playlist from a mapped network drive, the file paths (in the playlist structure <quality ... /> and <src_path> tags) are automatically converted into their source Uniform Naming Convention (UNC) paths.

If the mapped drive is supposed to map onto a hard-coded configuration on the engine (e.g. an externally synchronized copy of the server share, or a SAN mounted volume like Quantum StorNext) then this automatic conversion may cause unexpected problems.

To disable the automatic mapping mode, in Cinegy Air 15.0 a machine-wide registry flag was introduced. To disable the automatic mapping, assign the value "1" to the NotConvertToUNC DWORD key, located in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Cinegy LLC\Cinegy\MCRStudio.... Depending on which product and in which version we want to use, the path in the registry will change- ...\MCRStudioEditor

If all was done correctly, the file paths should not be changed to UNC path:

To enable the automatic mapping again, please change the value of this registry key to "0".

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