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Cinegy Air control application fails to connect to Playout server.
Posted by Olga Upir on 05 June 2018 14:52

There may be one of the following reasons:


1. Check if the Playout server name is specified correctly

Open the Cinegy Air control configuration tool and check what is defined for the Engine 1 field. Here should be entered the computer name or IP address (Examples: PC-11,, etc.). If the Cinegy Air engine and the Cinegy Air control are running on the same station you should enter the point (.) as a server name or simply tick off the Local check box (read more on Cinegy Open site, 

If the Playout server is installed on a separate machine from the control application, it makes sense to check the Firewall settings as it may block the connection. 


2. Check if Cinegy Air Engine is started and running

Find the Cinegy Playout icon in the system tray in the right bottom corner. Right click on it and open the Dashboard - here is the status of each Cinegy Air engine can be viewed. If the Cinegy Air engine is stopped, check the Air log where the error messages with the text of the reason of failure should be described (read how to configure Logging in the article on the Open Cinegy site -


3. Check if the license you have matches the installed Cinegy Air version

The Cinegy Air can only work with the Air PRO license. If the license is not installed, the Cinegy Air control application will not connect to the Playout server. Make sure the proper license is selected in the Licensing tab of the Playout configuration tool (


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