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How to configure 'automatic opt-out' blocks with GPI?
Posted by Oleh Muliarchuk on 08 May 2018 14:24

NOTE: If there are problems with playout channel running with GPI (Seal/O car), try to change the PCI slot for the card.

In order to configure automatic opt-out block in Cinegy Air do the following:

1. Go to PlayOut config=>GPI and set GPI Bit Number, whose change of state will trigger 'automatic opt-out block' (value 7 in the screenshot)

2. Set the Bit Number, whose change of state will trigger leaving this block (value 1 in the screenshot). After exit from the opt-out block the following item will be played.

Make a playlist in with normal blocks and opt-out ones. 

Start the playback of the "Normal block".

At the desired time change the state of Bit Number 7 - the playout will jump to the incoming opt-out block, a block with the name "ADV (Opt-Out)" will be played.

At the desired time, change the state of Bit Number 1 - the exit from the opt-out block to the incoming normal block takes place.

Please, note that the current process operates on playlist block level, while in older Cinegy Air versions the item level advance was used.



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