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How to enable GPU usage in RTP/UDP Output in Cinegy Playout x64?
Posted by Oleh Muliarchuk on 08 May 2018 10:48

There is no specific “switch” to turn GPU support on or off in Cinegy Air PRO. When using branding/CG we use OpenGL or DirectX accelerated rendering.

The main GPU offload feature is enabled in Playout x64 Config tool. On the Playback tab in Config tool you can define what “Video effects accelerator” to use. Here is the list of all installed graphics cards where you can select video effects accelerator card capable of processing real-time graphics. Selecting “Direct3D 11 – Nvidia xxx” you can choose the specific Nvidia card for effects rendering.

Having defined RTP/UDP Output device for a given output resolution (e.g. 1920x1080 25 Hz), first define the multicast parameters, and then choose as video encoder “HEVC Nvidia GPU” or “H.264 Nvidia GPU”, which will use NVENC for encoding. 

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