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Why does Cinegy support request dumps in most cases?
Posted by Oleh Muliarchuk on 20 April 2018 08:06

The dumps are the main source to define the crash reason, if the application crashes - there is always a dump generated automatically at the moment of the crash in the folder: e.g. C:\ProgramData\Cinegy\[CinegyApplication]. The file name should have the format [CinegyApplication]_date_time.dmp.

All necessary dumps and logs can be easily collected with the help of Cinegy Support Tools.

You can download Cinegy Support Tools from Utilities and Addons page on the Cinegy web-portals: 


After installation of "Cinegy Support Tools", launch Cinegy Reporting Tool in Advanced Mode. On the tab Additional Files there is a special checkbox "Add dumps", which allows to define the time period to collect data.

If the failed application created no dump, i.e, not crashed but hung, the operator may use ProcDump utility, free to download from

It makes sense only when the application is still not operative and not closed or restarted. This method requires that ProcDump.exe is copied to disk C:\ and somewhere on the desktop is the ready-to-use batch file, which will launch the ProcDump utility with the following command line:

C:\ProcDump.exe -ma [CinegyApplication].exe c:\[CinegyApplication]. dmp, where [CinegyApplication] is the name of the corresponding executable file.

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