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Can Archive files be deleted in Desktop accidentally?
Posted by Oleh Muliarchuk on 16 April 2018 16:20

Cinegy products (Desktop, Archive Manager) do not allow you to delete files accidentally.

The operator in Cinegy Desktop can delete Rolls/Clips/etc., but it will only mark corresponding objects as deleted. Neither object itself nor media files are deleted by any action in Cinegy Desktop.

At the 2nd stage the Archive administrator should use Cinegy Archive Manager to review objects marked as deleted and decide to purge them from database. This will only delete the object metadata and media files will become unreferenced.

Only at the 3rd stage the unreferenced media files list can be collected in Cinegy Archive Manager during consistency check and be deleted by Archive operator command.

So, the process of media files deletion in Cinegy products requires several steps to be executed. It cannot be done accidentally and thus it provides enough level of confidence that the action is planned. At the same time, we do not explicitly protect media storages from unauthorized access as this should be done according to the internal company rules. The read-only access may be granted to most of Cinegy Archive users as normal operations do not require any changes on the file level. The file create access should be granted to Convert/Capture/Import operators. Quality building operations also do not require file modification rights as they create a new instance of the media leaving the original one unmodified. File erasing access should be granted only to Cinegy Archive admins to clean up media not referenced any more.

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