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Can Deltacast be used at the same time by Cinegy Capture service and Cinegy Air application?
Posted by Olga Upir on 03 October 2017 16:00

There is some limitation in the DeltaCast driver - by default it doesn't allow to use the same card for Windows Service (Cinegy Capture) and Windows Application (Cinegy Air). Deltacast suggests the following workaround allowing your processes to communicate with each other if they are in different terminal server sessions:

To enable the global sharing between sessions, you can setup the GlobalSharedMemory registry key (DWORD 32 key register value).

For 64-bit process,
For 32-bit process,

GlobalSharedMemory : 1 to enable, and 0 to disable

Please note: the Playout Dashboard should be started with the "Run as Administrator" option. In case it is started under the standard user - this user should have the corresponding priviledges (in the Local Security Policy panel select Local Policies =>User Rights Assignment=>Create global objects and allow it for service and the user).

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