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How to get dongle ID?
Posted by Alexey Shtehin on 27 June 2017 15:48

There are two ways of getting dongle ID.

 To use the first way, Cinegy License Viewer must be installed on a local machine. Start License Viewer and find the dongle ID in the Serial Number column of the main panel.

The License Viewer installer can be downloaded from the partner portal -

 As for the second way, make sure that the latest version of the License Service is installed on the machine.

If it is not, please download the latest version installer following the link: for the partners
Then launch any internet browser and go to the URL:
 - http://localhost:8989/getinfo (if Cinegy software is installed on a local machine);
 - or http://server_name:8989/getinfo (here server_name is the name of the server with a dongle).
There you will find the next string:
Dongle serial="dongleID"

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