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What are the hardware recommendations for Cinegy Convert?
Posted by Polina Fedorova on 06 January 2016 09:08

Cinegy products work only on machines with CPU supporting minimum instruction set SSE4.1, "Intel® AVX" is also required.

The actual performance of a machine depends on the number of running simultaneous tasks, their TV formats, as well as various settings like number of encoders used, complexity of encoding profiles, etc. Therefore no precise hardware recommendation can be given. As Cinegy Convert has no requirements to perform faster than real time, virtually any modern machine can be used.

The following configuration has proven to be reliably sufficient for up to 4 simultaneous HD transcoding tasks using single encoder:

- Supermicro X10 series motherboard

- dual Xeon E5 2697v3 CPU

- 16x 8GB of DDR4 RAM

- SATA-2 SSD drive for OS

When exporting Cinegy Archive Sequences with Cinegy Type elements and\or CUDA effects enabled, a dedicated NVidia K2200 video board is required. For highly intensive graphics please consider the NVidia Quadro M4000 board.

NOTE: These system recommendations use older hardware which has been previously tested. The CPU’s listed should be used as a guide to select modern equivalent options and not as direct requirements.

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