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How to configure Blackmagic Videohub and its commands
Posted by Olga Upir on 26 December 2015 14:38

The Blackmagic VideoHub should be installed. The hardware should be recognized by Windows OS and Windows should get its IP.

The VideoHub command in Cinegy Air has the following syntax:

Command: crosspoint
Op1: main crosspoint
Op2: reserve crosspoint (optional)

where 'crosspoint' definition has the following format:
<[O|M]out>,<[I]in > [<[O|M]out>,<[I]in >…]
Ports may have prefix 
I(i) – input port; such ports should not be used at all
O(o) – output port (default)
M(m) – monitoring output port (should always be set explicitly)

Delimiters between output/input pair are “,” or “:”, no blank space is allowed.
Delimiters between route commands are “ “(space), “;”, “\t” (tab).

For example:
2,1 – route output port 2 to input port 1;
o2, i1 (or O1,I1 etc. ) – route output port 2 to input port 1;
2:1 – route output port 2 to input port 1;
M2,1 - route monitoring output port 2 to input port 1.

3,2 4,2 o5,2 – three route commands in one sequence (out3 to in2, out4 to in2, out5 to in2).

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