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Controlling third-party devices via GPI
Posted by Polina Fedorova on 07 May 2013 09:43

Cinegy Air supports secondary events that can be used to control external devices, such as external SDI switches or GPI signal generation. Secondary events are automatically sent to the event handler service - Cinegy Event Manager.

 The local Cinegy Event Manager is installed on the playout server and can be used in case you have, for example, just one channel that should be switched between the playlist and external live signal through the external SDI switcher. In the case of the local installation, the GPI cards must also be locally installed on the playout server.

 The remote Cinegy Event Manager allows you to control one video switcher from several playout servers (channels) independently. In this case, you have to install the external Cinegy Event Manager on a separate PC, which should be connected to the controlled device.

 Please, refer to the document available on the Cinegy website to learn about Event Manager -

 To control the playout service by external (incoming) GPI signal, the SeaLevel card must be installed on each playout server ("input GPI signal handling").

 Cinegy Air supports most of SeaLevel Digital I/O cards, which use SeaIO Classic V.xx software drivers and utilities. For example, board 8012 was tested and approved by the Cinegy internal testing process; boards 8004e and 8209FX (USB) were verified and successfully used by Cinegy customers themselves.

 Please, note: SeaMAX is not supported.

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