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Use of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) with Cinegy Titler Editor
Posted by Oleh Muliarchuk on 09 November 2020 14:39

In some cases users employ Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client software to connect to another computer over a network connection while the other computer runs Cinegy software. 

RDP client processes the received commands and displays images using its graphics subsystem. Generally, Cinegy Titler engine can work normally through RDP, but we do not recommend to use it when working with Cinegy Titler Editor. The Microsoft Remote Display Adapter does not support some DirectX (DirectDraw) features. We recommend using other remote access tools instead: AnyDesk, Chrome Remote Desktop, TeamViewer, etc.
In addition, Cinegy released its Cinegize remote monitoring product, capable of real-time display of all resolutions up to 8K.

Due to some protocol limitations related to GPU acceleration, RDP implies some restrictions. RDP uses virtual videoadapter that may work incorrectly (even crash) - the video card / system must be able to create BGRA surfaces, and in most cases there is an error in RDP.

More information about BGRA Scan-Out Support you may find in


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