Knowledgebase: 3rd-party integration
How does Cinegy Air control the 3rd-party devices?
Posted by Polina Fedorova on 26 April 2013 15:49

In many cases the broadcast workflow requires some controlling commands to be sent to the 3rd-party devices like SDI switchers, CG/Branding devices, etc. Cinegy Air sends the commands to such devices via the so-called "secondary events" that are processed by Cinegy Event Manager. By default, the following types of the devices are supported:

  • NVISION Router;
  • Cinegy Route Event Handler;
  • Common GPI Device;
  • UTAH Scientific;
  • VikinX Series;
  • Kramer Devices;
  • Blackmagic Videohub;
  • Cinegy HTTP Data Repeater Event Plugin;
  • Harris Router.

In case the target device falls into one of the mentioned categories, no additional development is required. In case the device does not support the listed protocols, Cinegy Event Manager implements extendable plug-in system for the custom device driver deployment. Full description of the device driver implementation together with the sample source code is available on the Cinegy Portal -> Support -> Developer Information. Alternatively, the development of the device driver can be done by Cinegy GmbH on a paid basis. Please, contact for a formal quote providing full description of the desired workflow and the target device specification.


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