As-run log time does not match the actual event time
Posted by Oleh Muliarchuk on 28 March 2019 09:05

What to do if the UTC time codes in the Air as-run logs do not represent the local time when the playout occurred?

Cinegy chose to move to UTC because it fixed a lot of issues to do with daylight saving, etc. Date/time of the event is now stored according to ISO 8601 standard in the logs.

Our as-run logs are output in comma-separated values format to allow their use in spreadsheet and other software. If the date field is correctly identified as such, importing the log into a spreadsheet gives the correct date value as a number.

By adding a column to that spreadsheet next to the date column, setting the format for that column to an appropriate date/time format, and adding 0.229 (e.g. for India) to the numeric value, the correct UTC date/time will appear. 

This would not be the only solution. The file in comma-separated values format can be written to any location. A competent script programmer can create a script which monitors that location: when a log file arrives the date column can then be manipulated as required. Feel free to contact us if you need more details or would like Cinegy to write that script for you.

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