Does Cinegy support importing MXF OP-Atom files?
Posted by Polina Fedorova on 25 April 2013 09:55

MXF OP-Atom files are a special type of media files that contain descriptive metadata for the clip as a whole (listing all media tracks present in the clip) while containing only one track of the actual essence. This means that Cinegy MXF Import tool will show that the file is "incomplete" when being added to the list using the "Add file" command. In order to locate all MXF OP-Atom files comprising the full media clip (i.e. containing essence for all clip media tracks), the entire directory should be scanned. Thus, the "Add folder" command should be used to enable importing MXF OP-Atom files correctly. In case required MXF OP-Atom files are located in different folders, they should be copied into a single common folder.  In case any of the referenced media essence files is missing, the corresponding clip will be marked as incomplete and it will not be available for the import process.

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