What is the meaning of “:” and “;” in timecode indication?
Posted by Oleh Muliarchuk on 14 November 2018 08:48

The “:” and “;” are very classic and common indication for NDF (Non-drop frame) and DF (drop frame) timecode calculation types.

PAL framerates are always calculated as Non-drop frames, but NTSC framerates could be DF or NDF.

While non-drop timecode is displayed with colons separating the digit pairs—"HH:MM:SS:FF"—drop-frame is usually represented with a semicolon (;) or period (.) as the divider between all the digit pairs—"HH;MM;SS;FF", "HH.MM.SS.FF"—or just between the seconds and frames—"HH:MM:SS;FF" or "HH:MM:SS.FF". The period is usually used on VTRs and other devices that don't have the ability to display a semicolon. (

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