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Does Cinegy suppport integration with other NLEs?
Posted by Polina Fedorova on 24 April 2013 09:23

Cinegy software offers dedicated integration functionality with Avid Media Composer, Adobe® After Effects® CC, Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC, Final Cut 7 NLEs. With Cinegy Browser and Cinegy Convert products it is possible to transfer media in the selected compression to Avid Media Composer together with the associated metadata. Additionally it is possible to transfer pre-edited projects (sequences) to finalize the production using Avid Media Composer features and functionality. Cinegy Desktop and Cinegy Convert allow generation of the project description in the Final Cut XML exchange format that can be opened in Final Cut Pro 7. References to the media on the Cinegy Archive media drives and the associated metadata are preserved. 

Cinegy’s Daniel codec can be easily used with Adobe After Effects CC to output animations as part of Cinegy Titler, a CG and branding option that extends Cinegy’s Air PRO real-time playout server and multi-channel broadcast automation software.  Any project created in Adobe After Effects CC can be easily exported via the Daniel codec for use with a Cinegy Air PRO playlist. 

Please note, since Final Cut X does not support the Final Cut 7 XML exchange format, there is no integration with Final Cut X available.

While initially implemented specifically for integration with the particular NLE, current Cinegy software integration functionality can be used with a wide range of other NLEs. For example, MXF media files together with AAF project description files can be opened in Adobe Premiere. Another example is Grass Valley Edius Pro that supports Final Cut XML Exchange format. Other NLEs can also integrate with Cinegy products provided that they support at least MXF OP-Atom media files together with either AAF or Final Cut XML Exchange project description files.

Other integration ways are also possible. Please note, that it is highly recommended to thoroughly test the desired workflow using the trial version of Cinegy software before making the purchase for the production. Please, contact for additional details on the trial versions availability and products pricing.

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