What is the difference between the Best Performance, High Quality, and Uncompressed proxy rendering preset in Cinegy Air?
Posted by Oleh Muliarchuk on 02 July 2018 08:52

The difference between presets is the level to which the video is compressed, and correspondingly, the different level of hardware consumption. For the 'Best performance' preset, the video is compressed by the MPEG-2 codec to a lower bitrate, so the hardware consumption is lower and less disk space is required. If 'High quality' preset is chosen, the video is compressed by the H.264 codec to an average bitrate compared to other presets, which leads to a considerable consumption of hardware. The 'Uncompressed' preset is designed to produce uncompressed video with minimal CPU usage during processing.

The basic concept is compression - the ratio of the compressed frame size to the uncompressed one. Based on this value, the bitrate is calculated.

The table of compression presets and corresponding bitrates (videoformats):


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