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How to run Cinegy Archive in Azure or other cloud services?
Posted by Oleh Muliarchuk on 13 June 2018 11:03

Running Cinegy Archive in the cloud has two general configurations.

 The first one is to merely move to an SQL server running on an instance in Azure or AWS for example. This would mean creating a virtual machine on the cloud platform, installing Windows, installing SQL server etc. as they would normally and then migrating the database. The customer would need to either make use of a software license deployed on this SQL cloud server or have remote licensing configured to point to a local server with a dongle. This configuration is possible from version 12 of Cinegy Archive and Desktop.

 The second one is if you wish to move to a database service model with a cloud platform such as AWS RDS. Then you would need to move to the latest version of Archive to obtain this support. This model means the cloud platform runs and maintains the SQL server itself, and you merely deploy and manage your database using the standard SQL tools. You do not need to install Windows or SQL server etc in this deployment. You would not be able to have any licenses on the SQL server in this configuration and would need to use a remote license model.

 This is based on just moving the SQL component to the cloud.

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