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What is a proper procedure for managing the Cinegy Archive storage?
Posted by Polina Fedorova on 23 April 2013 09:34

File types and media groups are managed on the media storage panel launched via the "Media groups, file types" command from the "Media storage" submenu of the database context menu.

During the lifecycle of the production there are several common tasks to be performed:

  • Cleanup of the existing network share from the unused or partially used media files;
  • Extending the Cinegy Archive storage with a new network share;
  • Controlling the network share free space and preventing it from being fully filled in;
  • Re-locating media files to another network share.

Cleaning up of the network share can be performed manually - using the Cinegy Desktop Media Cleaner plug-in.

The Cinegy Archive network shares list can be extended at any time during the lifecycle of the system with new storages. To do so, register the new network share path using the "Media groups, file types" section in Cinegy Archive Manager and assign the corresponding media file type for this storage to be filled in with. The new network share will become automatically accessible and used by all Cinegy Archive clients after their restart.

During the normal operation, Cinegy Archive network shares will be filled in with media files. In order to keep enough space for ingest operations, it is important to monitor the network share free space and deactivate it when the free space is low. This can be done manually in Cinegy Archive Manager or automatically by the Cinegy File Service (recommended way). Please refer to the "Cinegy File Service" section of the Cinegy Archive manual for more details:

In some specific cases media files relocation to the new storage may be required (due to the hardware failure, maintenance, etc.). The following procedure is recommended:

  1. Prepare a new file server being at least the same size as the old one.
  2. Deactivate the location you want to replace.
  3. Copy all the Cinegy Archive-relevant footages to the new server.
  4. Replace the network share.
  5. Re-activate the location selecting the "Is Active" checkbox on the "File Path" tab of the "Media groups, file types" form.

In case the procedure is performed carefully, the new file server will be accessible for all Cinegy Archive clients with all media files.


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