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Why is the on-air item preview not visible?
Posted by Polina Fedorova on 09 April 2013 10:30

The preview of an on-air item can fail to be visible for several reasons:

  • The preview is generated from the UDP stream created by the playout server and Firewall may block this stream. Check for the presence of a rule in Firewall allowing the Cinegy Air Control application to receive the inbound traffic on all UDP ports;
  • Check the Cinegy Air PRO Config settings - if Cinegy Playout Engine is running on the same station as Cinegy Air Control, instead of the server’s name in the Engine 1 field (or Engine 2, if applicable) there should be a dot (.);
  • Check if the video overlay for your graphics card is available using the DxDiag tool (Start -> Run -> enter the "DxDiag" command). If the video overlay is not supported, you should consider upgrading the video card. Please, check the recommended graphics cards in the Cinegy System Recommendations document available for download on the Cinegy website:

In case you have completed all the checks above and the problem is still not resolved, please raise a new ticket with a detailed description of the issue.


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