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(outdated???) What components does Cinegy Convert consist of?
Posted by Polina Fedorova on 06 January 2016 09:05

Cinegy Convert includes the following components:

Cinegy Process Coordination Service

The new component provides a centralized storage for all resources types used in your media processing workflow and also acts as a central discovery service.

Cinegy Convert Agent Manager

This component provides actual processing powers for Cinegy Convert. It launches and manages local agents to execute tasks from the Process Coordination Service.

Cinegy Convert Watch Folder Service

This component enables your system with automation of media conversion tasks.

Cinegy Convert Client

This is the primary UI for the operator working with Cinegy Convert in manual mode.

Cinegy Convert Profile Editor

This utility provides means for creating and adjusting target profiles and audio schemes. These schemes are used in Cinegy Convert for transcoding tasks processing.


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