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(outdated!!!) Cinegy Type API samples
Posted by Olga Kravchuk on 26 December 2015 14:30

1) API for Controlling the Cinegy Type template content. This API is used for dynamic update of the Cinegy Type variables' content from the 3rd party applications. This way it can be applied for integrating different external user services with the dynamically changing templates (like SMS messaging services, weather forecast, etc.). Technically this API is realized through the HTTP protocol, so it can easily be used in any HTML applications, PowerShell scripts as well as a regular programming applications.

We are providing a sample that demonstrates the ability to update the Cinegy Type template content on the fly, with some documentation. The archive package contains the following files:

  • VariablesControlApp.exe – a sample application itself;
  • Variables.CinType – a Cinegy Type template sample for testing and demonstrating;
  • Dynamic Data Control.pdf – the API document in PDF format.

2) API for full playlist control, in particular - for starting the CG items on the CG layers. This API is much more complicated, as it requires programming control (in programming languages like C++, C# or at least Visual Basic). This API is used to create the completed 3rd party CG controlling panel. It also requires the TypeControlLib.dll file from the corresponding Cinegy Air/Type version installation package.  

We are providing a sample that demonstrates the ability to run any type template at any time. It goes together with the following files:

  • TypeController.exe – the sample application itself;
  • Type template 3rd party.pdf – the API document;
  • the source code of the TypeController.exe application.

3) API for a playlist control through HTTP protocol. This is a relatively new API, and the simplest one. 

  • Cinegy Air HTTP API.docx – the API document;
  • StartCG_SecondaryEvent.ps1 – the PowerShell script which demonstrates how to start the MyGreatTemplate.CinType template on a layer CG_0. The script completely duplicates the secondary event format in Cinegy Air Control. The command is executed as soon as it is sent to Air. 

 variablescontrolapp.7z (309.94 KB)
 typecontroller.7z (4.50 MB)
 http api + ps sample.7z (15.27 KB)
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