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What kinds of triggering are supported in Cinegy Air?
Posted by Olga Upir on 26 December 2015 13:34

You can set Cinegy Air to perform automatic program and commercials insertion via General Purpose Interface (GPI).

Please connect your 3rd party cuetone (DTMF or VBI) decoder to the GPI input, and set up the following parameters.

playut config 10


We support only Sealevel GPI boards.

Any Sealevel board with "Sealevel's SeaIO Classic V.xx" API should be OK.

Board 8012 is tested by Cinegy development, boards 8004e and 8209FX (USB) are successfully used by our customers.

Please, note that any Sealevel board with SeaMAX API will NOT work.


Listen for SCTE35 cueing stream:

The latest Cinegy Air supports SCTE-35 technology, which does the same and even more with MPEG-2/H.264 signal distribution (it’s all distributed this way today).

Please refer to the "Automatic opt-out block" and "Multichannel Variation Block" sections in the Cinegy Air manual:  


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