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Accessing the playout engine via COM API
Posted by Polina Fedorova on 27 May 2013 09:26

In order to operate with Cinegy Air Engine, the host application should create an instance of the DPTPlayOutExCtrl COM object via the PlayOutEx_CreateController call and connect to the required engine using the IDPTPlayOutExCtrl::Connect method. Once connected, the controller object is able to modify the existing playlist, control the playback and receive the playlist information (for example on-air and cued items).

Please, note: only one controller object may be connected to Cinegy Air Engine at the same time. Once the new connection is established, the previous one will be dropped in order to have a single controlling source. In case only live preview is required, please use the DPTPlayOutExPreview object.

A Cinegy Air playlist is represented as a set of playout items identified via GUID. The controller object is able to create new and remove existing playout items modifying the actual playlist. The host application is responsible for storing the playlist information locally as Cinegy Air Engine does not provide read access to the pre-loaded playlist. Once the playlist is loaded into the engine, the host application is able to request the item status via GUID associated with the corresponding item.

Please, refer to the Cinegy Air API description for more details:


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