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Daylight savings time processing in Air 11 and 12
Posted by Oleh Muliarchuk on 12 November 2018 14:50

Cinegy Air 11.5 cannot process the daylight saving time change automatically when the time is shifted backwards. The recommended way to handle this change requires online operator assistance or external event to advance the playlist to the next item. The playlist should contain 2 items with manual end trigger on the time change boundary. Once the change occurs the advance to the next item should be triggered manually. When the time is changed forwards the process is automatic in case the next item after daylight time change is set to clocked – it will be automatically started once the time is adjusted.

Please note that this issue is resolved in Cinegy Air 12 – the playlists times are processed in UTC so Air 12 can automatically handle both cases of daylight time changes:
Please, see additional information on the new features for Air 12 here:

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